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How to do the split safely and with a pleasure, spending 30 minutes stretching a day.
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Start: 14 January
2-week online marathon by Natalia Tatarintseva
95% discount
US $380.00
This marathon is for you if:
You dream about the split, but don't know how to do it fast and painless
You tried to do split but failed
You want beautiful hips, buttocks, plastic back
You want your body plastic
With no stressful visits into gym and no traumas of complicated exercises
You want to enjoy working on your body
You want to make great pictures while doing split and catch admiring looks
You want to have feminine and sexy look
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Author and the host of the marathon
Natalia Tatarintseva
@tatarintseva_kot | 343 followers
Rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics master of sports
Certified nutritionist
Certified myofascial release instructor
An author of "Plastic version of my body" guide
Constantly researches new approaches regarding healthy nutrition, prolonging youth and improving health
Your achievements during the marathon:
Upper and lower hip focused
You will work out important body parts for the split.
you'll get better understanding of body parts that require attention.
You will learn to feel your body better,
You will do simple, technically correct and very efficient exercises for stretching
you will start enjoying the plastics of your body.
You will do left-sided and right-sided split,
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How it works
250 video-recorded exercises
You will be getting new class on daily basis and be training simultaneously with video
75 extra educational materials
As a bonus, you will get visual instructions regarding techniques
4 hours of live streaming with the coach
We will complete 3 live streaming sessions to discuss important questions
Safety first
Step by step timer integrated exercises from easy to difficult level
24/7 coach and other members' support
Support, motivation, and a good mood in the closed chat group.
Full access to all the materials during 28 days
You'll make it! Watch the coach and do the same for 30 minutes, on daily basis
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Day 2
Day 5
Day 8
Day 11
Day 14
Working out front-side of the hip. Extra materials.
Backside of hip. Strengthen and stretch the muscles.
Live stream: Q&A
The split: First step is to make it safe, painless and with a pleasure.
The Split: painlessly set the results
Day 1
Day 4
Day 7
Day 10
Day 13
Warming up, backside of hip. Visual additions to the exercises.
Live stream: Q&A
The split: Getting to the point with no excessive efforts and pain while stretching
Working out front-side of the hip. Extra materials.
The Split: getting to the desirable point
The split: First step is to make it safe, painless and with a pleasure.
Frontside of hip: strengthening and stretching the muscles
Warming up, backside of hip. Visual additions to the exercises
Live stream: Q&A
Marathon Program
14 video lessons
Day 3
Day 9
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Day 6
Day 12
Stop thinking and get access!
Today you can sign up for the full course at a special promotional price. Access for one month to 11 training sessions and a closed telegram group where I personally answer your questions
Course start date is
for 1 month of training (11 training sessions)
If after 14 days, you still aren't happy, no worries. We still will refund the price of the course no questions asked. Drop us an email to support at info.flexiblebody@gmail.com
US $380.00
Your expectations and results
You will safely, painlessly and quickly do the split even if you've never done stretching before.
You will learn to enjoy training sessions at home and outdoors
You will lift all your body muscles, especially hips and buttocks.
You will better learn your body, feel you feminity and plastics.
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US $19.00
14 : 48 : 23
14 days of stretching
11 training sessions 30 minutes each
250 exercises for hips, buttocks and small of the back stretching
75 extra educational materials
Coach support
Closed group chat with Natalia's feedback
The course is accessible during 2 weeks after the marathon is completed.
Digital certificate for all the homeworks completed
If you pay today, you will get a complimentary 20-minutes "Healthy back, straight carriage" video-training.
If after 14 days, you still aren't happy, no worries. We still will refund the price of the course no questions asked. Drop us an email to support at info.flexiblebody@gmail.com
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US $380.00
95% discount
Together with the coach
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5 основных ошибок женщины в отношениях, которые приводят к расставанию. $50
Comments about the course
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4 steps to your split
Step 1
Step 3
Step 2
Step 4
Experience of the members who has completed the marathon
Sign up for the marathon right away and pay the membership
Get answers during live streaming and great support from the other members and the coach within closed group chat
Spend 30 minutes a day only, along with Natalia Tatarintseva following complex of special exercises for fast and painless stretching.
You're "in the Split"! Fill up social networks with amazing pictures and get pleasure from your body plastics.
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Still haven't made up your mind?
Never done stretching before?
Great! This course is perfect solution both for newcomers and experienced members. All the exercises are simple and don't require extreme stretching through terrible pain. You gonna make it and fall in love with stretching
Will I make it for sure?
The Split is very hard to fail. Anybody can do that. It only takes a little time, smart approach from an experienced coach and a little of your wish.
Lack of time?
You don't need special outfits, going to guy, getting stuck in the traffic. It takes only 20-30 minutes back home. Turn on the class and do the exercises along with Natalia while listening to rhythmic music.
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It's time to make your dream true!
Do the split in 14 days following instructions of Natalia Tatarintseva, rhythmic gymnastics master of sports
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